A resource for Artists and Customers who wish to purchase unique and original products produced by Print on Demand Companies {POD} around the World.

Not all Print on Demand Companies were created equal. Some are large and print millions of products a year. Others are small and niche. Some do take advantage of artists and some actively encourage  artists to contribute their best work.

At Print on Demand Central we attempt to help you navigate through the Print on Demand Wild West to find the right company for you to buy or sell from.

Over time as the website develops we will review and discuss different print on demand companies and their Pros and Cons in the Blog Posts. We have to get started somewhere as this will be an ever evolving POD hub. So check back ongoingly to see what is new and who's who in POD 

Print on Demand Central has been collecting  feedback from Artists across numerous Social Media Platforms. The Information given about each POD is the opinion of thousands of Artists over the last 2 years. Those who are Recommended by Print on Demand Central are the Companies we have found to be the most trusted by the Artist Community around the World.

As we cannot access customer data from each POD, the opinions given here hopefully will help customers who wish to purchase from an Artist through a POD.

At Print on Demand Central we cannot do everything so if there is some information you would like to forward to us about new POD's or Artist Resources you may think are helpful please don't hesitate to contact us for inclusion to the Website.