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Welcome to the Artist Resources for Print on Demand Central. 

The Links below have slowly been collected over the last 2 years and are now available for Site Users. They are in no particular order and are there to inspire and help to create New Artworks or be connected to other Artists. This page is like a rabbit hole once you fall in  you may get lost in creativity for hours. There are useful links for your Business as well as Generators to make Art. Some Websites will allow you to create everything from Patterns to Spirographs. Others are just there for creative fun. As we discover more websites they will be added to the list at the bottom so bookmark this page to return time and again for inspiration. 



Ready-to-use design assets from over 27000  independent creators Graphics, fonts, themes, photos and more, starting at $2! Sign up to their newsletter and get 6 free gifts a week.

An Absolute favourite of pattern making design.Free to use and perfect for those who use Photoshop. Tiny tileable patterns that can turn into something extrodinary.

Lets get our stripes on.This is quite the stripe generator for helping designers make a perfect stripe in a rainbow of colours.

Fubiz is your Daily Inspiration website. To follow design news and to just get inspired by the world of Artistic Creativity.

Championing Creativity. It's Nice That is  a site that helps to inspire your creativity one story at a time. This one is particularly eclectic and a must read. 

Design, Design, Design. This site is all about the Art of Design. Sit down on a Sunday afternoon and browse the countless stories they have to get your creative inspiration happening. 

100+ FREE Resources for Creatives. Download the Ultimate Resources Guide for Artists, Designers, and Photographers.That is just for the newsletter this website takes you into the Modern Met one story at a time.

Build, Share, Download Fonts. It's simple and free! This is the Headline of the Website and it says exactly what it does. Hours of fun and creativity.

A website Font Designer that is based online but also has downloadable versions. Another way to get lost in a universe of Fonts.

When Google launched Deep Dream code a few years ago everyone went mad for the possibilities.It was just a flash in the pan for a couple of weeks. Not for everyone though. Using artificial Intelligence to help create new art was seen as the new Digital Creativity.. Deepart shows what is possible again. And it is FUN

Warning may be addictive.This site lets you generate art one drawing at a time.The amount of hours I have personally spent playing with this tool is a bit embarrassing. However you may be able to contain your inner creative.It sure is hard to stop drawing with it once you start. Make sure you have at least an hour spare before you attempt to play with this!

A weird little drawing tool that takes a little time to get used to but can create really beautiful designs when you pesevere.Take time to check out all the different tools and it also allows you to save your creations.Definitive fun for those feeling uninspired and what their inner Artist to break free.

Harmony by Mr doob is quite an interesting drawing tool. At first it might seem uninspiring but use the drop down box to create more and more interesting patterns.It takes a little while to work out the different ways to draw with it, However I  won't give you any hints because discovery inspires you to get the best out of it.

There is a reason why he/or she called their site Mr doob, because you have to wonder what they were smoking when they created some of the applications. A site where imagination seems to run free and with absolute abandon. Play with it when you feel uninspired or perhaps smoking the wacky tobacci yourself.

A drawing tool that seems to love angles, angles and more angles. I never quite was able to get something I wanted from this. Maybe I just wasn't trying hard enough. However it is fun and interesting and worth a try.

A drawing tool that can make beautiful Mandalas or check out the gallery and see some of the amazing creations that people do using this tool. It is simple and really easy to use. Online drawing never seemed quite so imaginative

A Drawing tool that takes a little time to understand the buttons and what they do but well worth the effort if you want to make gothic inspired Art with a bit of skater/graffitti style thrown in. It is hard to entirely describe what it does. Best to experiment for yourself.

After purchasing over the last couple of years good old Spirographs I came across this site which takes the frustration out of Spirographs and puts it online. It is exactly what it says it is and will help you create that Spirographic Art that frustrated you as a child, It is also great for showing to kids as they will love it too.

A simple Version of Spirograph that does all the work for you. It is on a kids site but I did actually create a fun Artwork from using it,so it is worth a look.

Pixabay · Stunning Free Images Over 1.4 million royalty free stock photos and videos shared by our generous community. That is what it says and that is what it is.

Have you ever wanted to make your own Gif ? Giphy is there to help you. It may not be the traditional tool to make Art for Print on Demand. However it is included in this list because it is just one of those things you take for granted and never think to try it yourself. Now you can.

I included this because sometimes it is good to dream what may be possible if and when you get to have or be included in a Gallery Show. If nothing else this Website may give you inspiration. 

Find Great Keywords Using Google Autocomplete. When working in Print on Demand Keywords are the king of how to be found. Here is one of the free keyword tools available  

Available for printing in Australia and the United Kingdom.It seems like a nice Print on Demand Company for business cards etc. I find sometimes it is nicer to support the smaller companies like MOO than it is to only buy your business needs from places like VistaPrint. Worth a look. 

 Over 3.5 million Images For Free Download. Simple as that .

Every year I enter the Cliftons Art Prize and have yet to win. Sharing this with site visitors from Australia,New Zealand and Asia because it is a fantastic Art Competition that is well worth your time entering. Drop me an Email if you enter and Win!

If you are starting out as a Digital Artist and don't want to fork out monthly fees for Photoshop,Gimp is one of the Best Free Downloadable tools on the internet.They recently did a massive upgrade. So now is the time to get your Gimp on. I have used it and it is a really effective Free & Open Source Image Editor

Ok be prepared it is time to kick it OLD SCHOOL.This site takes you back to the 90's as to what a site could be. However it is worth the peruse because there are little nuggets of information scattered all over this directory. Sure some links are broken and it looks like it came from the time websites forgot. But it still is a little go to guide when getting your Art On.. It will make you remember a time when Dial Up was still a thing

If you are serious about forwarding your Art and are interested in becoming an "Artist in Residence" this is where you go to find Residencies world wide.. 

Start your art collection today. Shop original, affordable art from thousands of independent artists around the world. great Place to get Inspiration for your next large Art Project..

25-online-resources-every-artist-should-know-about is one of the the great Blog Posts on this Site. There is a lot more but I thought this is a great place to start researching.

If you are not a Redbubble Artist already then this is one of the resource rich Art blogs for Print on Demand. It can be overwhelming the amount of information, but don't be detered as you can spend hours reading hints and tips about Art .

This is an Australian Arts Hub that has alot of information for Artists In Australia but is also a great Resource in general.There is a Paid subscription, but you can find stories and ideas without having to pay the subscription fee.

Icons for everything Over a million curated icons, created by a global community

Take a break from the constant Artist Resource overload and have some silly dumb "Lego" fun

Your personal emoji. I included this for those who like recreating themselves in a cartoon for your phone.Just more silly fun on the go.

App Builder to Make an App Without Coding Learn how to create an app for free in 3 easy steps with Appy Pie’s App Builder. Sometimes artists also like to do something creative that isn't a traditional artistic medium. I have no idea if this does exactly what it says but it is a good place to start. 

A lot of different Image generators for you to try. I found it a useful way to find new generators.

The Creators Network. Set up a profile and be part of an ever expanding creators community. I use it because I think it really is a solid way to share your work through an Artist's Eye.  

It is like Twitter for someone who doesn't shout at clouds day in day out. Reasonable discussion on a range of relevent topics.

Best way for artists and Creators to get a sustainable income. It helps me to work on this website for the thousands of Artists around the world who use it. We all need tro make a Living and you can help by donating $1 a month for me to continue to grow this Website.

Click here to Donate to Jane :HERE 

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, or Xara X. What sets Inkscape apart is its use of Scalable Vector graphics (SVG), an open XML-based W3C standard, as the native format. In other words you can use it to make Art.

This does exactly what is called it resizes images for you and also gives you a watermark when Required.

I love Skillshare. They keep asking me to come onboard and be a tutor .Maybe one day when I have the time and I am not building useful websites , or managing my Print On Demand Biz. Needless to say this is a go to website to learn Skills in all things creative.

I love this. Just Put in a word and it produces hundreds of questions with your word in it. Great for keyword finding and just to have a laugh at all the weird questions people ask everyday on millions of subjects.