About Print on Demand Central

Everyday around the world there are thousands of Artists and Creators selling their designs through Print on Demand Companies. I am one of those people and I make an income that although is not life changing does allow me to do what I love every single day. When I started this POD journey it was still a relatively new way to earn money within the art-space as a passive income.. 

Hundreds of companies have now popped up all around the world offering artists and graphic designers a place to sell their designs on products that they manage for the artists in varying ways. In 2018 I made myself a promise to start connecting with an amazing community of people worldwide who are creative and doing what they love within the print on demand space.. 

It can be really isolating doing POD and Art in general on your own. I wanted something that allowed me the chance to interact and give back to a community that didn't even know my name . I was just another person hustling their Art in a growing marketplace.

What I noticed when I started frequenting Social Media was the amount of questions people had about POD, {how to start, where to find resources, what different things mean,} And so on and so forth. When I started I had to answer most of these questions with a Hit or Miss style. Learning on the fly and making tons of mistakes along the way. I also had my successes but it has taken quite a while to basically understand the POD space.

I am still learning things every single day. I just don't have enough hands, hours in the day or creative energy most of the time to finish it all, before another idea gets added to the bottom of the list. Over the years I have created thousands of digital artworks, patterns, T-shirt designs and drawings. I am still creating something everyday I just never seem to stop. Even when I completely unplug and go away for a weekend or a mini break I do something creative. Whether it is photography or drawing or visiting Art Spaces , the idea of creativity just follows me.

So in January 2018 when I promised myself I would connect with the Creative Community around the world I came up with the idea of Print on Demand Central. I wanted it to be a simple space that Artists and Creatives could go to learn about POD, find answers to some of the questions they were asking as well as allow me to introduce myself. Art being subjective I really don't expect everyone in the world  to like what I do artistically . It is not the point in the end.
What is the point is giving back to all those who want to find the joy and happiness being in  POD has brought me. So  this is who I am and this is Print on Demand Central.
Jane Holloway


THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS BY STARTING.  Go to the page Print on Demand companies and choose one. Look around it, Read Terms and Conditions. Then join. Then go to you tube and search the company you have chosen and watch what other people are doing it and how they are doing it. If you have no way to create art go to Artist Resources on Print on Demand Central and find one of the great tools in there to use.

Then upload something. It doesn't matter how good it is, get to understand the POD platform you have chosen. Join social media groups related to your POD of choice or our Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/passivepassion/ then become a part of that community. Ask questions that you can't find the answer yourself after researching Now you are on your way.Happy Podding!