People in PODS


This page is dedicated to people who are doing big sales in PODS or who write Blogs about their experiences. These are people I have found over time and who have a lot of advice about how to sell, different types of Fulfilment,or how to get started in PODS. As I run my own business I don't have time to tell everyone about everything. Each of these people have done the work, made the mistakes, tried again, learnt more and now have successful businesses. They also seem to have time to write about it .

It is up to you who's advice you take or what you take away from after reading. A lot have books or email lists that you can join. As I come across these people around the world I will add to this list. If you have a blog or group you would like me to look at to add to this page just use the contact form and I will get back to you about whether you will be included in Print on Demand Central. For now get your reading glasses on and start the journey with each of these People. The only endorsement I have for these People In PODs is that I found their Blogs interesting or really informative in their Facebook Group 

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Michael Essek  I’m a full-time T-Shirt Seller, Illustrator and Designer from the UK.