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 There are hundreds of Print on Demand Groups on Facebook and the vast majority are all about their owners making money as apposed to helping people get started or ask questions about Print on Demand. In my experience they are just trying to sell you their product which is courses about how to make money in Print on Demand.There are some Heroes in this Facebook World and there are some dispicable people who tout themselves as Guru's when at best they just teach about copying ideas that already exist, instead of encouraging great design and unique ideas. I have seen Guru's banned from Print on Demand sites and continue to offer courses on platforms they are no longer able to use themselves because of their breaking terms and conditions.  I joined most of of the Print on Demand Groups  and slowly but surely left them as their lack of ethics towards people starting out in Print on Demand were too much to stomach. 

Over the last 2 years I have been running a Facebook Group which is a happy group of designers, and artists and photographers from all over the world and we created an actual  community. It is small and have we worked together to build a safe place to discuss all manner of Print on Demand Topics. It is a closed group and every now and then we invite a new member. This group is the official group associated with this website. You can request to be a member however you have to have been doing Print on Demand for at least a YEAR  You can request to join here. 


After managing this facebook group sucessfully for 2 years and watching our members suceed in various ways we created a Public Group that people could join who are NEW at Print on Demand. Just like the  other group we do not try and get our members to buy anything or run courses that charge for information.There are so many free videos on You Tube that will help you without having to be charged. It is all about asking questions, getting advice or being given hints and tips to help you on your journey.This group is the official public group associated with this website. If you would like to  You can request to join here

Our social media commitment is to make it easy and accessible to become part of a Print On Demand Community. We strive for Best Practices and rely heavily on the members to tell us exactly what they need to make our Facebook Groups a place for participating in community education and fun in and around the world of Print on Demand.