KDP Print on Demand Book Publishing

         Welcome to the world of KDP Amazons Book Publishing Centre. 
This is a free Print on Demand site for those who wish to create either LCB {Low Content Books} or Kindle and Traditional Books Publishing.
Low Content Book Publishing has become the absolute Bread and Butter for thousands of people using Print on Demand to make an income.
It is relatively easy to start and Amazon has an entire help centre to get you started and walk you through every step of the process.
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                                     Once you have joined KDP -  What Next ? 

  • You can go it alone and start from scratch attempting to create Low Content Books in a PDF format and hope that you will get sales. 
  • You can buy Pre Made Interiors that are sold over and over to customers and basically try your luck with Amazon hoping they won't get flagged as unoriginal content, Which could get you banned outright on the platform.
  • You can pay for subscription to the KDP publishing apps that seem to open and close everyday across Facebook and the Internet. They all have varying subscription models and abilities. Some are ok, some are down right confusing and others are just offering the same abilities that every other app is offering.

              You can also do what I did over a year ago and try  AUDUDU

    I actually won a months subscription in 2019. Aududu was really just starting up and I had joined the group to find out what it was like. Back then it had a few features but over the last 18 months I have watched it turn into the absolute premier Kdp Publishing Tool available.

    What once was a  little KDP tool has turned into something that allows people to make Unique profitable books day in day out. The features keep on growing. With some of the newest features allowing people from all over the world make colouring in books that look like they were designed by established artists.

    The new Mandala tool has allowed me to use it in my artworks to sell on Print on Demand sites like Redbubble and Tee Public. So it now goes far beyond the KDP world 

    I have.had the opportunity to create designs for such yearly events as #Mandalatober.
    This is an example of a Madalatober design I have done for the 2020 cycle of the challenge 
    This was for 2nd second challenge FISH - made in less than 5 minutes using Aududu

    When creating designs for the colouring books you can create them in Black and White so they can be easily coloured in just like this artistic design that will be available in one of my upcoming colouring books on KDP.


These are the pretty amazing possibilities with AUDUDU other features include

  • ​Maze Tool
  • Sudoku
  • Dot to Dot 
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Calender Creator 

And that is just the start. Plus it is evolving constantly. Along with a  monthly bonus  you get a free set of interiors to customize around a particular KDP Low Content Book Theme.

This is the only tool I have ever promoted within the  Print on Demand Space.

Simply because I honestly believe you don't need to spend anything to get into selling Print on Demand designs.

KDP however is not like the usual sites like Redbubble where there is little barrier to entry. KDP does require far more time and skill. However AUDUDU takes away the difficulty and makes it just as easy as doing regular Print on Demand. Plus the Woman who has created this tool is one of the Heroes of Print on Demand that I mention throughout this site. 

I also managed to obtain to anyone who finds AUDUDU through Print on Demand Central a 10% discount  Get the discount automatically by clicking HERE
I love Aududu and I feel fully satisfied you will too otherwise Print on Demand Central would not it endorse it.